Sebastian Toenissen


I'm Sebastian. I'm a musician since I was seven years old. After starting to play piano and keyboard I got into electric guitar and singing when I was 12.

With my band I played hundreds of concerts during 2000 and 2010. Beside playing guitar and singing, I was responsible for booking, public relations and management and really loved being on the road and on stage with my friends.

I studied economy in the Netherlands, got a serious job as a consultant at a Big4 company and didn't had enough time for making music.

When I worked in Croatia for more than eight month I got into photography. This was the beginning of my second passion in 2009/2010.

I tried connecting my love for music with my photography skills and got specialized on music and concert photography.

2014 I founded my own consulting company with two colleagues. This gave me the flexibility and control about my time that I needed.

During the last years I have been able to work with incredible artists, lovely people and impressive characters. I’m very grateful for all those moments and I’m looking forward and can’t wait to capture your performance.

Get in touch with me if you like, if you need my support or if you just wanna get connected.

Looking forward to hearing from you



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